Connectathons are but one part of the IHE Testing Continuum that also includes Projectathons, where testing is dedicated to a specific deployment project (e.g., regional, national or cross-border) using a set of IHE Profiles in their interoperability specifications.

The test plans and testing tools are customised to the specifics of the deployment projects. Usually, the IHE Gazelle Testing Management Platform is used to give structure and order to perform the tasks and verify the testing, leading to Project labelling. The lead organisation for the project defines the test criteria for the project and publishes the results at the end of the Projectathon. Projectathons often run concurrently during a Connectathon but can also be undertaken separately wherever and whenever the lead organisation specifies.

IHE International’s Conformity Assessment Scheme (CAS) takes Connectathon testing to an official certification of conformance by an accredited (ISO/CEI 17025) test laboratory, this enables approved suppliers to display appropriate Product labelling.

The IHE SHARAZONE is a continuous testing service, complementing the Connectathon, designed to continually verify interoperability prior to release to the marketplace. It is managed by IHE, like the Connectathons and Conformity Assessment processes.

The IHE International organisation is responsible for the creation and maintenance of

IHE Integration Profiles, through several Domain Committees including Radiology, Radiation Oncology, Cardiology, Dental, Devices, Eye Care, Endoscopy, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Patient Care Co-ordination, Pharmacy and Quality, Research and Public Health. There is also an “IT Infrastructure” Domain Committee whose Integration Profiles provide general IT Infrastructure scenarios to support all other domains.

This document sets out the mission and Main Activities for the IHE-UK organisation, a National affiliate of IHE International.

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