EHI Live 2015

IHE Interoperability Demonstration

Stand D03

IHE-UK will showcase a demonstration of interoperability at this year’s EHI LIVE Exhibition, involving 7 organisations and 9 actors (roles). The scenarios depicted show the seamless movement of images, documents and information between organisations as the patient’s diagnosis and situation unfolds.  This will include the use of BPPC, XCPD, PHR, XCA and XCA-I, we will also use REM Profiles to indicate dose levels from an x-ray source (CT scanner).

In addition to the demonstration, there will be the opportunity to network with IHE specialists. There will also be a number of presentations during both days of the conference. So whether you are a novice or an expert, there will be something of interest to educate and interest you throughout the 2 days of the show.

Please visit stand D03 in Hall 1, NEC and prepare to be amazed at what an Interoperability LIVE demonstration can achieve.

Interoperability Presentations

Tuesday 3rd November on IHE Stand D03


Time Speaker Title
10:30 Niall Monaghan Introduction to IHE
10:45 TBC TBC
12:00 Chris Lindopp XDW: A collabarative model for Remote Reading 
13:45 Martijn Jonkers Customer success story of a patient referral use-case using IHE Cross-Enterpirse Document Workflow (XDW)
14:20 Sean Clarke How we publish and consume using IHE
14:50 Ian Townend NHS England And Interoperability

Wednesday 4th November on IHE Stand D03

TIme Speaker Title
9:30 Niall Monaghan Introduction to IHE
9:45 Adrian Byrne TBC
10:20 Louise Parbery IHE for Mobile access to Health Documents with HL7 FHIR
12:00 Dave Harvey How to know if your patients have any new data available - the XDS way
14:00 Steve Massey Radiation dose monitoring implimentation in the real world and the importance of the REM profile
14:45 John Rayner HIMSS and Interoperability
15:20 TBC TBC